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UNDP offers specialized procurement training courses. Courses are also open to staff of the UN system, the donor community, NGOs and governments.

Standard Procurement Training Courses

UNDP offers the following procurement training and professionalisation courses on a regular basis:

  • Fundamentals of Public Procurement
  • Procurement Strategy Development
  • Contract and Supplier Relations Management
  • Logistics and Incoterms
  • Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services
  • Effective Negotiations in Projects and Procurement

The courses are offered on a recurring basis in Bangkok (Thailand), Vienna (Austria), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New York (USA) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

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Tailor-made Procurement Training Courses

UNDP offers tailor-made courses designed to meet the specific requirements of your staff and organization.

Tailor-made courses can contain exactly the elements that you require for your organization and can be customized to a specific group of staff members. Tailor-made courses can contain modules from any of our standard courses, if so required, and/or they can feature cross-cutting issues such as ethics in procurement, environmental procurement, procurement strategies, etc. You decide!

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Procurement Certification

UNDP is preparing a formal procurement certification and professionalisation programme for UNDP staff at a four level structure:

  • Level 1: Procurement Awareness
  • Level 2: Basic Procurement Capabilities
  • Level 3: Certificate in Purchasing and Supply
  • Level 4: Diploma in Purchasing and Supply

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Learning Methods

All training courses employ modern participatory adult learning methods reflected in the structure of our courses. Each training module commences with an overview of the rules, procedures and/or theory of the subject in question, and is then followed by case studies, group discussions or exercises. This creates a forum for the participants to apply theory and methods to real cases and to foster productive discussion.

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